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Single Practice Clinic

  1. Managing patients scheduled VS checked-in

  2. Efficient managing of patients visit waiting time

  3. Knowing detailed service billing and discounts given

  4. Managing inbound and outbound referrals of external services (Pharmacy, Diagnostic Orders and consultations)

  5. Managing patient retention and promotional offers

  6. Effective capture and documentation of patient illnesses


Clinic with Pharmacy
Single Practice Clinic +

  1. Tracking of stock-In and Out

  2. Tracking of short expiry for immediate sale

  3. Current stock status for effective re-ordering of inventory

  4. Effectively handling returns (Stock and Purchases)


Clinic with Pharma and Diagnostics
Clinic with Pharmacy +

  1. Identification of correct patient for sampling or phlebotomy

  2. Management of the machine and reagent/dye/film inventory

  3. On time delivery of reports and notifications

  4. Minimization of typographical errors while results entry

  5. Managing sample outsourcing and their reports


Hospitals (10- 150 Bed)
Single Practice Clinic +

  1. Managing sample outsourcing and their reports

  2. Tracking of Inpatient occupancy bed availability

  3. Managing Inpatient drug administration and orders

  4. Scheduling procedure room or theatre for OPD/IPD patients

  5. Managing and tracking of consumables from Inventory and non-consumables from CSSD for OPD or IPD procedures

  6. Diagnostic sampling and on time report delivery

  7. Effective Inpatient charge capturing and discharges

  8. Effective capture and documentation of patient illnesses

  9. Managing the patient rush in some departments on peak hours

  10. Managing claim approvals and submissions


Modules (Single Practice Clinic +)

  1. Inventory & Stock Management

  2. Pharmacy Management

  3. Charts of Accounts

  4. A/c Receivables & A/c Payables


Modules (Single Practice Clinic +)

  1. Admission Discharge and Transfer management (ADT)

  2. Wards & Bed Management

  3. In-patient Care Management

  4. Nursing and Wards Enterprise Resource Planning (ERPS)

  5. Nursing Dashboard – Electronic Medication Admin Record (eMAR)

  6. Laboratory Information system

  7. Radiology Information System

  8. Pharmacy management

  9. OT & Surgery ERPS

  10. Registration & ‘Q’ management

  11. Central Sterilization & Supply Department (CSSD)

  12. Payer/Insurance/TPA management

  13. Business Intelligence Dashboard

  14. Charts of Accounts

  15. A/c Receivables & A/c Payables


Product Modules

  1. Help Desk & Patient Administration System (PAS)

  2. Patient Relation Management (PRM)

  3. Appointment Scheduling Management

  4. Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

  5. Doctors Dashboard & Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE)

  6. Financial Accounting

  7. Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

  8. Referral Management

  9. Alerts and Notifications Management (SMS and Email)


Modules (Clinic with Pharmacy +)

  1. RFID / Barcode / Smart Card Integration

  2. Equipment Management & Calibration

  3. Uni-directional and Bi-directional Lab Equipment Interface

  4. Laboratory information System

  5. Radiology Information System

  6. HL7 Communicator & Monitoring

Implementation Differentiators:

  1. Minimalistic Configuration: Pre-designed Insurance masters, Bill Plans, Pharmacy drug and inventory data
  2. Pre-Loaded Master Data: A fully fledged Hospital can go live within 2 weeks
  3. Specialized Care Flows: Pre-designed and configured care planners and care workflows for general & specialized practices
  4. Automated Ordering: Codified and Pre-designed order sets for on fly ordering
  5. Clinical Analytics made easy: Pre-codified clinical and procedures enables to visualize analytics from the day 1
  6. Automated Interfacing: Choose machine interfacing from the existing pre-configured list and go live in minutes
  7. Process Interface: Fully automated bidirectional interface between business and clinical processes
  8. Fully loaded with MIS Reports and BI Tools, cuts down the building and reporting time from days to minutes
  9. Pre-Configured communication library: Automates all alters and communications through SMS and Email gateways within no time
  10. Pre-configured and Pre-Loaded Insurance Plans: Minimizes the mammoth’s task of configuration and testing of specific Insurance plans for institutions.